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  • to raise the awareness among partners countries and on a EU level about the importance of matching the competences and standards in the palliative care provision by offering a comparative competence framework;
  • to identify the competences mismatch and further establish training pathways for additional qualitative training provision offered through a specific learning repository based on the ECVET learning outcomes metadata;
  • enable participating organisation to enhance and widen their policies and core activities as well as to generate improvements of the knowledge, skills and competences of the staff of partners institutions and of those in their network which will result in improved outcomes in their organizational culture and improvement of the quality of the provided palliative care services;
  • to assess and improve (by provision of up-to-date training materials) the competences of the professionals who are providing palliative care services to people with severe health conditions;
  • to improve the quality assurance in vocational palliative care training, provided to (palliative) care providers based on EQAVET recommendations;
  • to decrease the social and economic burden to the families of suffering patients.

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